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Madison E Rush was born in 1993 in Northern Virginia where she grew up being influenced by the Smithsonian art museums in Washington DC. Madison received her B.A. with a concentration in painting and a minor in photography from George Mason University in December of 2018. She enjoys traveling and was lucky enough to spend some time in Nepal working on conservation photography in 2018 and Costa Rica in 2022. Focusing on acrylic and mixed media, Madison uses her work to explore objects of childhood nostalgia, geometric and pattern centric abstract art, and topics of environmental issues such as plastic waste and coral reef health. She is currently enamored with bookmaking, papermaking, and printmaking and plans to continue to explore different mediums and methods of creating. With her feline companions, Ollie and Bishop, the artist dreams of a quiet life developing her art practice and finally learning to bake. Madison relocated to Florida in 2019


Artist Statement


       While I often drive myself into a state of frustration, I cannot help but meticulously blend. I love a perfectly smooth gradient of pigment and crisp edges. In my paintings I take the practice of color blocking and push it beyond its original duty as an underpainting method. My work is often graphic in style. As an avid admirer of all mediums, I struggle to nail myself down to one creative process and instead let inspiration lead me down many paths. Whether it’s through acrylic paint, photography, artists books or whatever new medium I am currently consumed by, I strive to create works that spark conversations of substantial importance. I have an eclectic style and enjoy exploring topics of nostalgia, culture and social justice in my work.


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